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Jim Corley Named the Syngenta 2011 Resistance Fighter of the Year for Southern Region

Thursday, February 23, 2012 - Cleveland, MS

The Resistance Fighter™ of the Year program, sponsored by Syngenta, recognizes two industry thought-leaders for their continual support and providing growers with the information and tools they need to combat all forms of herbicide resistance in their fields.

Syngenta congratulates the 2011 Resistance Fighter of the Year winners, Jim Corley, of Jimmy Sanders, Inc., Clarksdale, Miss., and Clint Einspahr, of Cargill, Arapahoe, Neb.

Introduced in 2009, the Resistance Fighter of the Year program recognizes those who serve as role models and provide growers with the guidance and tools they need to manage weeds successfully within their operations. Eligible recipients include retailers, consultants and county extension agents who have successfully implemented resistance management programs with growers in their area.

"As a company we strive to be on the forefront in the war against herbicide-resistant weeds. Having advisors on the ground who effectively balance being proactive and being responsive with herbicide resistance management efforts is vital," said Les Glasow, Ph.D., Manager of Herbicide Resistance Strategy, Syngenta.

"Stewardship and leading-by-example underpin the Resistance Fighter of the Year program. Like previous years, our 2011 winners value working together and moving forward toward solutions when concerns arise," said Glasow..

Corley, Southern Resistance Fighter of the Year, has made it his mission to educate growers on what they can do to prevent major resistance problems on their farm and encourages a zero-tolerance attitude toward resistant weeds. When resistance does occur, Corley prefers to offer tailored solutions on a field-by-field basis to help his growers effectively and economically keep up with their resistance management plans.

"A robust residual program before and directly after planting is an effective counter against herbicide resistance developments," said Corley, who recommends frequent pre-emergence product rotation as well as using tillage and post-emergence applications to keep resistant weeds at bay.

Einspahr, Northern Resistance Fighter of the Year, recognizes that weed control is a key component of the yield equation and understands its level of importance with growers. Einspahr believes in using all of the resources available to make sound agronomic decisions that will help growers reach a solution, including the use of crop rotations, different treatment timings, multiple modes of action, pre-emergence residuals, tank mix partners, and new premix post-emergence herbicides.

"Herbicide resistance is a serious problem that deserves the attention it is getting, but it also is something growers can plan for and work to avoid," said Einspahr. Though not severe in his area yet, Einspahr urges his growers to manage their land as if they already have resistance.

The 2011 Resistance Fighter of the Year recipients were nominated by peers and selected by a distinguished judging panel including the 2010 Resistance Fighter of the Year winners, university weed scientists, Jeff Stachler, Ph.D., North Dakota State University, Daniel Stephenson, Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Stephen Powles, Ph.D., University of Western Australia, and Syngenta experts.

Source: Syngenta news release