Sanders, Before Seed, Beyond Harvest
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Jimmy Sanders began his company as a purveyor of quality seed. The company has a long history in the sale, production, treatment and testing of seed. Having cultivated solid relationships with the most reputable seed producers and suppliers, our seedsmen have an unrivaled knowledge of seed varieties across the major crops grown in the Mid-South region, with an emphasis on cotton, soybeans, rice, corn, wheat, sorghum and peanuts.

With sophisticated seed production facilities in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee, Sanders® manufactures proprietary seed brands in rice, soybeans, oats, wheat and wildlife food crops.

Sanders is a proud member of Horizon Ag, a joint venture company formed in concert with public breeding programs and BASF Corporation to produce and market Clearfield® rice varieties.  These varieties are known for superior grain quality and disease resistance.

The company is pleased to work with some of its most sophisticated growers each year to arrange and administer professional research plots.  Key learnings developed from such plots help Sanders lead the market in providing the highest quality seed to successful growers.