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Deposition Aids

Deposition aids are used to increase the proportion of spray that reaches the intended target.  They can manifest themselves as canopy penetrants, cuticle penetrants, anti-bounce agents, anti-drift agents, anti-evaporation agents, etc.  Formulations include oil-based concentrates, inverting oils, polymer formulations and other forms.  They can be used with any pesticide, with particular deposition aids favoring specific pesticide types.

Premium performing 100% NIS
High quality oil optimized to improve speed of activity
Contains a premium drift/deposition aid

Multi-functional spray solution conditioner, defoamer, deposition aid
Excellent spray drift management
Convenient liquid formulation

• Buffering (decreases pH)
• Increases Absorption
• Defoaming Agent
• Deposition Agent (drift control to reduce off-target drift)

• Glyphosate
• Defoliants
• General

V_DRIFT is an effective, easy-to-use adjuvant for deposition improvement and drift retardation in spraying operations.

• Increases Deposition
• Reduces Drift

• Compatible with K Salt Glyphosate Formulations
• General

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