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Methylated Seed Oils

Methylated seed oils (‘MSOs’) provide improved leaf cuticle penetration than conventional crop oil concentrates, and are typically used at lower rates crop oil concentrates.  They also aid in the reducing evaporation loss.  Methylated seed oil is a product of the reaction of a fatty acid (derived from seed oils) with methyl alcohol.  MSO adjuvants usually contain emulsifiers/surfactants.  Their primary use is with post-emergent herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, especially those with systemic action.  They can also be used with Plant Growth Regulators and foliar fertilizers.  Premium products contain silicone surfactants.

INVADE is a unique blend of highly refined and modified seed oil.

• Increases Coverage
• Wetting Agent
• Increases Absorption

• Clincher
• Grasp
• Osprey
• Sharpen
• General Herbicides

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