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Silicone Surfactants

Silicone surfactants, also known as ‘Super Wetting/Spreading Agents,’ lower surface tension beyond that of conventional nonionic surfactants. There are two types of silicone surfactants: (i) water-soluble, which spreads the water droplet prior to drying, and (ii) oil-soluble, which spreads the oil fraction of a spray droplet after the water has evaporated.  Some silicone surfactants can be blended with co-surfactants to minimize excess evaporation and run-off.  Their primary use is with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and PGRs, where extra-wetting and super-spreading is required.

Methylated seed oil with Rapid Spread Technology
Advanced formulation containing organosilicone to improve spread and penetration

• Spreading Agent
• Penetrating Agent
• Increases Absorption

• Herbicides
• Insecticides
• Defoliants

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